Breaking Changes

This page highlights breaking changes introduced in different versions of jiface.

0.2.0 -> 0.3.0

init functions changed to create

In both the jiface.erlang and jiface.otp namespaces, the init functions have been renamed to create. An alias is provided, but that may be removed in the future without warning.

Internal use of keywords instead of symbols/strings

If you made direct use of the following low-level functions, your code will be broken and in need of changing:

  • erlang/init (now renamed to erlang/create)
  • otp/init (now renamed to orp/create)
  • Name-creation functions in util (now in core)

The usage of these functions have changed from:

(erlang/init 'atom "a")
(otp/init 'node "b")


(erlang/create :atom "a")
(otp/create :node "b")

The name-creation functions used to take strings as arguments and now take keywords as arguments.

Utility Function Moves & Renames

All of the name-generating functions that were in the util namespace have been moved into a new core namespace. Furthermore, most of these functions have been renamed and altered significantly (processing keyword arguments instead of string arguments).

Function Removal

Two helper functions (one each in the erlang and otp namespaces) have been removed.